Here are the stories of some of the projects developed by Coranto.
Yes, stories. Because behind every project there are events, vicissitudes, relations with people, problems to be addressed and resolved.
At the end of a project, nothing is as before: those who took care of the project and those who requested it are changed; all are enriched with experiences and skills.
Relations between people: this is our way to mean projects.

Stories about projects

Some more significant projects


ENEL - System Access Control - Web Interface

ENEL is the most important Italian manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas.

ECOS Elettronica designs, manufactures and sells innovative products in telecommunications and remote control.

ECOS Elettronica provided to ENEL magnetic card readers to accomplish the management of video control of the electrical cabs.

ECOS elettronica asked  Coranto to implement an intranet that would permit to ENEL employees to managing the release of the badges to workers of external companies.

The most important requirements was the followings:

    - login using username and password;
    - password management according ENEL policy;
    - management of permissions access to resources;
    - enabling badges for selected periods;
    - activity log;
    - report functionality.

The software was designed and developed by Coranto by using OpenCms 9.0.1 and has been successfully installed in each of ENEL organizational structures, corresponding to the Italian regions.

  • Typology: Intranet
  • Period: 2014 and 2015
  • Customer: ECOS Elettronica
  • End user: ENEL