Here are the stories of some of the projects developed by Coranto.
Yes, stories. Because behind every project there are events, vicissitudes, relations with people, problems to be addressed and resolved.
At the end of a project, nothing is as before: those who took care of the project and those who requested it are changed; all are enriched with experiences and skills.
Relations between people: this is our way to mean projects.

Stories about projects

Some more significant projects

Agriturismo Ichnos

Agriturismo Ichnos

The web site AgriturismoIchnos picks up the around 800 farms holiday of Sardinia (Italy) and it allows the recorded farms to modify their own data in autonomous way. It was developed to give world tourists a useful tool to search and to retrieve important info about Sardinia farm holidays. The data are available in Italian, English and German. It's completely integrated in OpenCms and uses the search engine Lucene and various Alkacon OAMP modules (Webform, Webuser Registration, GeoMap).

  • Typology: Website
  • Period: From 2005
  • Customer: Coranto internal project
  • End user: Coranto informatica
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