The offer

We offer just one thing, but we do it very well: entrust us with your PSD design and we will convert it to a fully working OpenCms code, ready to be enriched with features and add-ons. A safe transformation, with a good value and simply reliable, because Coranto has acquired in the field the know how which enables us to keep our promise. That is why we choose OpenCms, devoting ourselves to make it an efficient tool for our customers web strategies.


  • >OpenCms best practices use
  • >Standard XHTML codification
  • >Warranty for the software
  • >Project Technical documentation
  • >Certainty of costs
  • >Privacy respect

OpenCms features and Coranto offer

Take a look to the detailed features and the offered functionalities, to better understand the potentialities of our conversion work.


OpenCms is a professional development open source platform for websites which permits an efficient contents management, with a totally web based interface. We have chosen it because it is simply manageable and it has got the stability of mature product. It makes use of the java code and for this reason it is reliable, solid, rich in components and add on libraries, as well as easily portable and object oriented. However it is a continuously evolving product which has one of its major strengths. It is open source, that means open, accessible, versatile and with no licence costs, with the possibility to interact with the most widespread market database software, both open source and proprietary. Other advantage on its side is as well, not less important, there there is no limits to the creation of websites which need to respect the accessibility standards. On the editorial side, the possibility to manage the websites contents without the knowledge of the HTML code. Or the possibility to use add-ons, open source too, for the development of a website (forms, newsletters, calendars, surveys, user profile, etc…). These are all factors which make it for sure a winning product.