Here are the stories of some of the projects developed by Coranto.
Yes, stories. Because behind every project there are events, vicissitudes, relations with people, problems to be addressed and resolved.
At the end of a project, nothing is as before: those who took care of the project and those who requested it are changed; all are enriched with experiences and skills.
Relations between people: this is our way to mean projects.

Stories about projects

Some more significant projects


Servermx mail hosting is a professional mail hosting e-commerce service using OpenCms featuring WebMail, POP, IMAP and SMTP

The idea of such project born from the willing to provide an email hosting service which could overcome limitations present in other providers. This goal is reached by providing features as multidomain management, autonomously management by the user of your mailbox, the availability of SMTP server and last but not least the guarantee about the privacy of the email data.

From a hardware perspective the purpose is to offer a very reliable service: to do this the service uses dedicated servers, with data replication for disaster recovery. The backup server is located in a different position from main server.

From a software perspective the project employes only open source products such as Debian Linux, Exim (SMTP server), Dovecot (POP IMAP Server), MySQL (Database server), Apache, Tomcat and OpenCms.

Key features

The major features are:


  • Ability for the customer to purchase mail hosting services amongst different offers through a user registration form;
  • Integration with a payment gateway;
  • Reserved area for mail administrator who is able to fully manage individual mailboxes using multiple domain names;
  • Reserved separated area where every single mail user has its own mailbox management (change password, forward, auto-reply, alias);
  • Real-time provisioning between OpenCms and Mail System.
  • Contacts, Calendars and Tasks via CalDAV and CardDAV support
  • Anti spam protection settings with per-user configuration
  • Anti-virus filter with ClamAV.
  • Roundcube, SquirrelMail and SOGo are available with https. It is available a web email client with support for languages right-to-left, AfterLogic.
  • SSL Encrypted Transmission


Why OpenCms

The main challenge was to use OpenCms to manage an e-commerce site withreserved area and real time provisioning to mail system. OpenCms represents the glue between the different project components. OpenCms is involved in Content Management of public area, in reserved area user management and in integration with the email system. The payment system also is integrated in OpenCms, which serves as an interface with PayPal system.


  • Typology: e-commerce
  • Period: 2013-2014-2015
  • Customer: Coranto internal project
  • End user: Coranto informatica
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